Fractional ownership offers individuals the opportunity to buy partial ownership of a higher end apartment in a resort area, such as chalets with walk-out skiing in the Rockies, oceanfront villas or apartments, or island properties in the Caribbean and Europe, often with resort-style amenities including on-site restaurants, fitness clubs, golf courses and a concierge service.

The arrangements usually divide the ownership into fourths, eighths, or 12ths, with each owner having an equal number of days a year to use the property. The owners buy their fraction from a management company which handles maintenance and their complete calendar program.

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Fractional property ownership is a real estate concept for which time has truly arrived.
The advantages of fractional ownership are considerable, and can include:
• Ownership of a fraction of a property with proportionate occupation rights
• An opportunity to buy into a prestigious property at a highly desirable location
• Huge rental potential and high rental income
• Rapid capital appreciation. A more exclusive property at a prestigious development will see the greatest value increases.
• Resilience of the luxury markets
• Fraction can be sold on the open market any time

Five Star Fractional Ownership (C) 2014 - An investment in your lifestyle at a fraction of the cost!