The Dark Knight Rises: Batman’s Toughest Battle

After going through a long wait, finally, the third movie of the Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan was released. Various news from the set, trailer, poster, and a 13-minute feature video have adorned the waiting period. However, whether the quality of The Dark Knight Rises can meet the expectations and hype grown so far? No Doubt!

Taking the setting eight years after the events at The Dark Knight, the city of Gotham is in a peaceful condition. Unfortunately, the same thing could not represent the feelings of Bruce Wayne who had isolated himself from the world after losing his friend, Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal). Likewise, Commissioner James Gordon (Gary Oldman) who kept a conspiracy behind the death of Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) and the disappearance of Batman from the city of Gotham.

The commemoration of Harvey Dent’s death was used as an opportunity for Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) to penetrate Wayne Manor under the guise of a servant. Bruce manages to catch Selina in the act of stealing her mother’s pearl necklace and Bruce’s fingerprint attached to the safe. A set of Bruce’s fingerprints were sold to business rivals and used by a terrorist named Bane (Tom Hardy) to destroy Wayne Enterprises and leave Bruce bankrupt.

Who is the real Bane? What plans does Bane have for Bruce and Batman? Why is Bane so eager to destroy the city of Gotham? Then, who was Selina Kyle and what was her motivation for stealing Bruce’s fingerprints? All of these questions were answered very beautifully through the manuscript written by the Nolan brothers (Christopher and Jonathan) and David S. Goyer.

After the presence of Batman’s mortal enemy, The Joker who was portrayed perfectly by Heath Ledger in the previous movie, it was hard to imagine a more complex and sinister enemy from him. However, the interpretation of Bane’s character by Nolan very well illustrated by Tom Hardy (Inception) changed that view. The appearance, voice, character, and mystery behind the masked antagonist add a significant spice of tension. Even the expression on Tom Hardy’s eyes showed the horror of the character. Bane became Batman’s commemorative enemy.